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Living sustainably can have its challenges, but as a parent with small children it can be an even bigger challenge. All parents know that from birth until about 2 years of age their child will be wearing a lot of diapers. And these diapers add up quickly in the trash and in the landfill!

Traditionally parents used washable cloth diapers before  convenient disposable ones were invented. While cloth diapers are one sustainable solution, the inconvenience of constantly keeping enough ready and clean can be exhausting. Today if you walk down the diaper aisle you’ll be bombarded by so many different brands all promising one thing or another. But they all end up in the landfill where they’ll stay forever. So if you’re looking for a sustainable solution to diaper disposal you should check out the Dyper company.

“Responsible, eco, soft, absorbent, convenient, sustainable, plant-based…” , this is how Dyper describes they’re products. Free from any chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT or phthalates, which are the leading cause of skin irritations like diaper rash. Dyper offers a subscription service that promises to deliver enough diapers without excess. They have an exclusive “SOS” feature for emergencies and a prepaid mailing system for the diapers you didn’t use. One of the most unique features of the company is their “ReDyper” program, the composting service for their diapers. They set you up with  a pail and compostable liners, and give you safe and sanitary instructions for shipping the soiled diapers.

Made from super tough and durable viscose fibers yet soft to the touch. The viscose fiber is a natural bamboo product that grows fast, requires little to no fertilizer and can be processed with less chemicals. Dyper is sustainability sourcing these materials, but they’re also doing more for our planet by investigating in carbon offsets.

Carbon offsets are the reduction or removal of carbon dioxide emissions through works like rainforest protection or building of clean energy plant alternatives. Dyper directly funds the “Alto Mayo Reforestation Project”, which protects 450,000 acres from logging.
While not perfect the Dyper company is making positive steps in the right direction for not only a better diaper but a better world. I’ll be recommending Dyper to all my parent friends!!! If you’d like to learn more visit www.dyper.com 

* All source information from www.dyper.com

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