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Yard Scooping

I would like someone to scoop my yard and have the collected waste composted.

Bin Pickup

I prefer to scoop my own yard and have the waste that I collect be composted.

Are you a commercial property?

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NOTICE: This item can only be purchased by current clients of Pet Poo Skiddoo that are subscribed to Yard Scooping or Bin Pickup services.

Pooch Pouch

Pouch for Pooch Paper

Org Price: $

Client Price: $(40% off)


Holds up to 10 Pooch Papers. No pockets? No worries! This 3″x3″ zippered Pooch Pouch is crafted for the perfect fit during an outing with your pup! Free up your hands by snapping it to your leash, wrist, stroller or belt loop.

Proceeds go towards Pet Poo Skiddoo’s composting efforts.

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