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Yard Scooping

I would like someone to scoop my yard and have the collected waste composted.

Bin Pickup

I prefer to scoop my own yard and have the waste that I collect be composted.

Are you a commercial property?

Eliminate those unpleasant pet odors in your backyard!

We offer a deodorizing service that targets organic matter and aims to eliminate the stench of feces and urine that has seeped into the ground.


Use the form below to request the deodorizer to be applied to your lawn on any of your future service dates. We recommend just doing one to two treatments in a row then wait to smell the difference.

► Our deodorizer is a blend of natural enzymes that are non-poisonous, non-caustic, and harmless to both humans and pets – in fact, it can even be sprayed directly on your dog! (Although we promise to stick to your grass when we come to spray).

*Service is available to current yard scooping customers and one-time cleanups only.

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