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I would like someone to scoop my yard and have the collected waste composted.

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I prefer to scoop my own yard and have the waste that I collect be composted.

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Four THICK Reusable Dog Waste Bags


Heavy duty | Made with nylon

Four bags included, each one with a different accent color: Purple | Neon green | Pink | Teal

A reusable bag, of a similar size to a typical plastic dog waste bag, but made with a nylon material that is resistant to water, leaks, and can be washed with bleach. Embedded elastic band allows you to easily close up the top without your hands going near the inside of the bag. Wear around your wrist on your walk home.

Proceeds go towards Pet Poo Skiddoo’s composting efforts.

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There is probably one important question that you will have: You are saving a plastic bag but now what do I do with my dog’s poop?

More than likely you will have to bring the bag home with you when you are done on your walk. You may be able to flush the dog waste down the toilet if your county’s sewage treatment plant allows you to (we recommend calling to verify), or perhaps there is a local company that can compost the waste for you. If not, throw it away in an outdoor garbage can. You should already have one in your backyard that holds the rest of your dog’s waste that you scoop on a regular basis.

To clean: Store dirty bags in an outdoor container until ready to wash. You can wash the bags by hand or throw the bags (inside out) into a washing machine separate from the rest of your clothes. Wash on no spin setting.

Four THICK Reusable Dog Waste Bags

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