Do you live in a condo, HOA, or apartment building and wish to Valet Service for your pet waste?

Currently Serving:  Arden | Asheville | Black Mountain | Candler | Fairview | Fletcher | Hendersonville | Mills River | Swannanoa | Weaverville

  • Clients must use compostable cat litters. Make sure you do not use crystal, clay, or ‘pretty’ litter.
    Click here to view our list of common cat litters
  • We highly encourage residents to purchase compostable dog waste bags, however these are not sold in stores (against popular belief, Earth Rated bags are not compostable). You can search on amazon, or we also sell a 60ct for $7.20 and can provide an exclusive link for them to purchase after signing up.
  • We also can deliver your compostable pine pellet cat litter – $5 for every 8 lbs delivered once per month (further information emailed after initial signup).
    Click here to watch a video on how pine pellet litter works.

Rates: As long as 3 or more residents at your condo/apartment/HOA location are subscribed to our service, the rate will be lowered to $6 per pickup, otherwise your rate will default to $9 per pickup. You may choose between once per week or every other week pickup.

There is a two week grace period in the beginning while we gather all all resident’s information at your building. You will be notified of your final rate before your initial charge. Billing is then every 4 weeks.

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