Dog Waste Weighing You Down?

Let’s face it, we love our dogs and would do almost anything for them, but the one thing that we never want to deal with is what comes out of them …their poop.

When we first adopted our pups, we pictured playing fetch in the backyard or relaxing together in the sunshine – certainly not spending countless times going around picking up after their stinky messes. And what happens when we skip a few scooping sessions?

That lush lawn we once enjoyed has turned into a fecal minefield.

Finally there is a solution to have a poo-free yard without the stress!

Pet Poo Skiddoo offers yard scooping services
For Asheville and surrounding areas.

“We’re passionate about keeping yards clean so families can enjoy a cleaner outdoor space.”

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Still not convinced?

What if we told you the average dog produces ¾ lbs a day,
a staggering 275 lbs per year?

Think about that, if you have 2 dogs and didn’t scoop for just one month, you could have 50 pounds of waste sitting in your backyard, not only killing your grass but spreading millions of fecal bacteria into your plants and soil.

Estimate how much your dog poos by using our dog waste calculator.

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Pet Poo Skiddoo, “We scoop up the poo so you don’t have to”