Western North Carolina is home to many pets, and pet owners alike, and yet so many animals in the area end up in local shelters, awaiting their forever home. Thankfully there is an abundance of organizations in the area committed to bettering the lives of stray cats and dogs, working to unite them with their future forever families. Among these groups a few in the areas stand out in particular for their inventive way of fundraising, running local thrift shops to sell donated items for the benefit of the animals they harbor.

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue

Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue, a Fletcher shelter committed to providing a no kill, safe home for future pets is the most recent local group to open a thrift shop, their new thrift store, Angel’s Attic Thrift Store, located at 235 St. John Road, suite no.60 in Fletcher (in the St. John’s Marketplace), had its grand opening on the 21st of June this year, and as Charlie’s Angels relies solely on the generosity of the community, receiving no government funding, their new store is a great way to know your money is investing back into the community, both recycling unused or unwanted clothes and household items, or by purchasing some of the local art adorning the walls, vibrant paintings of dogs and cats, who the shelter has given a second chance too.

Asheville Humane Society

Saving 9,000 lives a year, Asheville Humane Society is another organization dedicated to saving animal lives, and like Charlie’s Angels, they rely solely on the donations of the community to do so. They also work to protect lost pets in the Asheville area, reuniting many families with their beloved pets each year. Their thrift store, located in the River Ridge Marketplace at 800 Fairview Road Suite EE in Asheville, carries a wide variety of unique and interesting items sourced from the community. Specializing in vintage furniture and clothing, it’s easy to find something cool while knowing your money is directly saving lives and reuniting lost pets with their loved ones.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Founded in 2007, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue’s Second Chances Thrift Store, provides direct support to their organization and their ongoing adoption programs and low-cost mobile spay and neuter clinic. Brother Wolf’s shop, located at 49 Glendale in Asheville, has many unique items, from vintage media to quirky housewares, and you may even run into a feline or canine employee, as the animals from the next door shelter often hang out in the store, allowing you to meet the animals shopping at the store helps directly.

Blue Ridge Humane Society

The Blue Ridge Humane Society has been operating for 71 years, saving animal lives for over half a century. Their thrift store, located at 1214 Greenville Highway in Hendersonville, is almost entirely volunteer run. They sell a wide variety of items and all the proceeds go directly to their efforts to save animals. The work Blue Ridge does is extensive, they even provide financial assistance to help pet owners in the area afford pet deposit fees, and even assist in the search for pet friendly housing, which can be difficult and lead to more pets without homes.

These organizations and their important efforts to protect animal lives in western North Carolina are helping our communities in many ways, and through thrift stores, valuable groups like these can keep more animals adopted, and more useful items out of landfills. Through supporting these groups and others like them, we can all take part in keeping our home a wonderful place for people and animals to live.

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