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Are you a…

  • Dog owner getting ready to sell your home?
  • Recent buyer of a house that belonged to a previous dog owner?
  • Dog owner feeling overwhelmed with their yard and just need a fresh start?

One-time scooping

A lived-in home may give off a sense of comfort, but this isn’t so true with a backyard. A yard that has endured long-term use can inadvertely accumulate unwanted items over the years such as food wrappers, empty bottles, and most off-putting – an overabundance of dog waste.

That’s where we come in.

One-Time Yard Scooping Service Includes:

Collection & Disposal of
Dog Waste and Small Debris

Collection & Disposal

relieve the homeowner from the hectic work of rubbish collection and disposal , if the yard is littered with all kinds of clutter, debris, and trash becomes an eyesore.

Gathering of Dog Toys

Gathering of Dog Toys

Tennis balls, stuffed animals, frisbees. We’ll make sure to place any dog toys we find in a separate bag and hand over to you so you can sort through which ones should stay or go.

Full Yard Deodorizing Application

Deodorizing Spray

We use an enzymatic cleaner (with added lavender oil) that is a non-poisonous, non-caustic product that is harmless to both humans and pets. It’s blend of natural enzymes will eat away at the bacterial residue over several days leaving you with a cleaner, fresher-smelling yard.

How much is it?

► Generally $30-$55 depending on amount of waste and yard size.

Request service to reserve your preferred date (we operate Monday – Friday, Sunday). Payment is not due until after service has been rendered.

Looking for ongoing yard scooping services?   Request weekly, twice weekly, or every other week service here.

Not a residential location?   Request a commercial service.