The Tidy Cat buckets can be a great buy when you’re trying to keep your cat litter area, well… tidy. The Tidy Cats container is a convenient resealable bucket that is lightweight, has a handle to make it easy to lift up, and has a flip-over lid to gain quick access to the litter inside. These added features help you avoid accidental spills and the buckets can be neatly stacked away in a corner.

The one big unfortunate issue with the Tidy Cats buckets is that it is a thick plastic bucket that is only meant for a one-time use. So once you’ve completely emptied the kitty litter, you are left with a nice bucket that you are hesitant to recycle but not sure what to do with if you keep it.

Well if you live in Asheville, NC or the surrounding areas, you’re in luck!

A local pet waste removal company, Pet Poo Skiddoo , wants to upcycle your Tidy Cat Buckets. This small company is one of the first of its kind where it scoops up dog poo, and composts it too! They’ve found that these Tidy Cats containers provide the perfect size and functionality to use in their bin-pickup service – an upcoming addition to their business where they will be servicing residents who are willing to scoop up their own dog waste in the yard but still want it composted rather than being thrown into the landfill. These upcycled bins will sit in a client’s backyard for them to place scooped up dog waste into and Pet Poo Skiddoo will empty it on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Pet Poo Skiddoo is willing to drive to you to take them off your hands if you live in Asheville, Arden, Black Mountain, Candler, Fairview, Fletcher, or Hendersonville.

Colors don’t matter, bucket needs to come with both the lid and handle.

Contact Pet Poo Skiddoo to Schedule a Pick-up.

Don’t live in the Asheville area?

There are some other great websites that list tons of ways that you can repurpose your Tidy Cats containers.

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