Pet Poo Skiddoo is not just a pet waste removal company, but also an environmental company. So you may be wondering, after we remove the pet waste from your yard, where does it go?
Well we will tell you… we make it into a fertilizer!

At this point, some of you might be going “what?!?” It won’t surprise us if you’re a little put off by the fact that we’re taking those smelly messes that come out of your cats and dogs, and making it into something that’s supposed to then be spread all over your plants. But in actuality, composted pet waste is a way safer and far more nutritious product than so many of those artificial fertilizers that are mass produced today.

Whenever you go into the garden section of a hardware or home improvement store, you’ll notice the shelves stocked with bags of chemical-based fertilizers that are advertised to green up the lawn, feed the flowers and help the veggies grow.

These synthetic fertilizers are generally made from by-products of the petroleum industry. Although their composition contains a long list of nutrients, chemical-based fertilizers lack any real organic matter or microbes that are necessary for biological life to thrive in the soil.

In fact, extensive use of chemical fertilizers leads to hardening of the soil, decreased fertility, and any crops produced typically have a much lower nutritional value. Furthermore, these chemicals cause major pollution such as eutrophication when picked up by water runoffs as well as releasing high amounts of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

But there is an alternative, it’s actually existed long before chemical fertilizers were even invented – and that’s good ole compost. It took us a couple of years in the beginning to nail down the process, working tirelessly to perfect our composting techniques, but we now have an end-product that is safe for edible crops and successfully meets the standards set by the EPA.

While the nutritional content on the label might seem lower than you’re used to (NPK = 2-5-0.2), the microbes it contains are lively and eager to get out there and mingle with your soil! When you add all natural compost to your lawn or garden, not only will you get better results, but the ingredients will continue to enhance the biological makeup of your soil long after you’ve placed it on the ground.

Currently we are selling our fertilizer, Critter Dirt, to our local Asheville community through our online store, with free delivery on every purchase.

Best of all? Each purchase of our Critter Dirt represents gallons of poop that would have otherwise been thrown away. In fact, in just three years Pet Poo Skiddoo has diverted over 100,000 pounds of pet waste from the Buncombe and Henderson Country landfills. And it isn’t all browns, we also take in compostable dog waste bags and cat litter that fully break down during the composting process.

Learn more about our composting operation.

“Critter Dirt” – Fertilizer Made From Composted Pet Waste