Have your dogs taken over?

reclaim your yardYou’ve tried your best to scoop up after your pets, but let’s face it, it’s a never ending task that is hard to keep up with. Just one dog can produce around 275 lbs of waste every year – that’s a lot of poop to scoop!

What was once a relaxing place for you and your family to enjoy, is now a minefield of doggie doo and the embarrassingly unpleasant odors that comes with it.

Do you dream of the days of being able to sit on your own grass once again? Play a game with your kids out back? Host a backyard barbeque without worrying about your guests encountering a party pooper?

Look no further! Let Pet Poo Skiddoo give you back the yard you deserve and have a dog-friendly yard that you, your family, and your canine can all enjoy. -serving Asheville and surrounding areas

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The “ZigZag Scan” Method for Finding Dog Poop
Pet Poo Skiddoo's ZigZag Scan

Our pet waste removal technicians are taught in the art of poop scooping. As silly as that may sound, we pride ourselves on the methodical technique that we practice.
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Spring into a Clean Yard With 20% Off Your First Month!

Use coupon code CLEAN20 for a 20% off discount. We’ll help keep your yard as an enjoyable, clean, and less smelly space.
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The Lifecycle of Intestinal Parasites
lifecycle intestinal parasites part 1

We know dogs get them, but do we really know what they do to our pet’s body and how to avoid futures incidences? Let’s take a closer look.
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