Which service would you like to sign up for?
Yard Scooping

I would like someone to scoop my yard and have the collected waste composted.

Bin Pickup

I prefer to scoop my own yard and have the waste that I collect be composted.

Are you a commercial property?

We Make it Easy in 3 Simple Steps!


Place labels on your stations and signs around your property.

Labels and lawn signs are free.  Don’t have pet waste stations?  We can provide you with a large bin to house your dog waste instead.


Replace all dispenser bags with compostable ones.

We provide liners and dispenser bags that fit standard pet waste stations. Replacement bags are billed only when replenished.


Schedule us to collect your waste on a regular basis.

We’ll change out your stations (or bin), sort the contents offsite, and compost the dog waste at our facility.

*We also offer scooping services to keep your grounds clean and waste-free.

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Don’t compostable bags rip easier?

While the bags we supply are strong and hard to tear, we also place a second reusable fabric liner in each station in case there is a breakage.

Can my tenants still throw trash and regular plastic bags into the station?

Yes, we sort through each bag we collect and separate the trash and recyclables from what is compostable.

What do you do with the compost?

Through a combination of sales and donations, our NC registered fertilizer is offered back to our local community.

We Offer Weekly and Biweeky Scooping Services

Whether you are have stations in a park, HOA, or an apartment complex, we can help keep your grounds clean. We’ll scoop up both dog waste and small bits of debris, and of course, we ‘ll compost whatever dog waste we collect.

Why Compost?

• Deters Dog Waste From Entering The Landfill

• Encourages dog walkers to pick up more

• Highly attractive to potential tenants & Clients

Need additional help encouraging your tenants to pick up more?

“Good” Tenant
Rewards Program

An alternative, more positive approach that rewards your tenants when they do pick up after their dog.

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Compostable Dispenser Bags

These bags are 100% compostable, made from plant matter, and certified ASTM D6400. Comes in both rolls and hanging pull-strap that will fit standard pet waste stations.


Fits standard pet waste stations.

$9 per roll

Pull Strap Bags | 50 pack units

Fits standard pet waste stations.

$8.70 per 200 bags

Bags are 8×12″

Comparable to standard dog waste bags