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New Approach To Hold Tenants Accountable for Poo Pickup

Rather than threatening your tenants with fines and sending out unpleasant letters when they don’t pick up, we can offer an alternative and more positive approach to the pet waste issue by rewarding your tenants when they do pick up after their dog.
Introducing the “Good Tenant” Rewards Program.
How it works:

For example, if you set the maximum allowance to 5 lbs and we scoop an average of 3 lbs per week over the next quarterly period, you can reward your tenants with the following:
Discount Off Everyone’s Rent ($$$)

This may only be feasible in smaller complexes, but taking as little as $20 off each unit’s rent for the next month can motivate your dog owning tenants to be more responsible. Of course the more you can afford to discount, the more motivated your tenants will be.

Discount Off Pet Rent ($$)

This reward is a little less expensive as you’ll only be targeting your dog-owning units. If you are charging them a monthly fee for having a dog, knock at least $20 off their next month to thank them for picking up.

Monetary Gift to Randomly Selected Unit(s) ($)

This is definitely the most affordable option as you’ll only have to reward a handful of units rather than the entire complex. Using our Random Unit Generator, you may pick up to five units out of a virtual hat and present your winners with a discount on rent or a gift card worth at least $50. With this method, even though your tenants are not guaranteed to receive a reward, they with still be motivated to pick up for the chance to win a reward.

Want to Give it A Try?

We’ll guide you through implementing the rewards program at your complex and provide several ways to both inform and remind your tenants of the importance of picking up.


Why wouldn’t I set the maximum allowance of dog waste to 0 lbs and have a zero tolerance policy?

You do not want to challenge your tenants with an impossible task. If they feel there is little to no chance of meeting that allowance, their motivation goes out the window. The truth is that there is probably always going to be some doggie doo on the ground, even with your tenants’ best intentions. Accidents happen – whether someone forgot to bring a bag, they didn’t see their dog go while in the dog park, or they couldn’t see where to pick up late at night. The point is to make your complex consistently clean enough so that your tenants are happy and can enjoy the shared space.

How long will I have to offer the rewards program?

Like any program designed to address an apartment’s pet waste issue, it must be ongoing. As soon as your tenants (that tended not to pick up before) sense that there are no more rewards being given out, their motivation will quickly fade and an enormous increase in the amount of waste left on the ground can happen within just a few days.

Does the reward always have to be a monetary amount?

Not at all, you can use the reward program’s structure to offer your tenants whatever type of compensation you prefer. Keep in mind that a financial gain is a guaranteed universal motivator that all of your tenants can agree on.