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I can honestly say that I love what I do, but I think we can all agree that my choice of career is far from conventional – so much so that many don’t even know such an industry exists. It can be a little awkward at social gatherings when everyone is discussing their professions – “I’m a teacher, nurse, accountant…” and then I come in and say “I scoop dog poop for a living”. No matter how cordial the conversation, the person I am talking to can’t help but react with a confused and perhaps slightly disgusted face. But once that 3 seconds of shock wears off, that confused look quickly turns into a smile… and that makes me smile back.

As serious as I take my job, the overall idea of it is well… funny. I make jokes about it everyday. So I decided to write down some of the common puns I use and I encourage fellow poop scoopers to use them in order to break the ice, be less shy about what you do, and let others know that you can share in the humor too.

Here it is, the top 20 Funny Puns for Professional Poop Scoopers:

  1. I’m always down in the dumps, but I’m happy doing it.
  2. The work really stinks… but I love my job.
  3. It’s a crappy job but someone’s gotta do it!
  4. I had a long day at work, I’m pooped!
  5. My day was really crappy… I got a lot done!
  6. Number 2 is always at the top of our list.
  7. As long as dogs keep poopin’, we’ll keep scoopin’.
  8. It was a hard day at work, I couldn’t hack it…. so i scooped it instead.
  9. Q: “How’s business?” A: “It’s picking up!”
  10. It’s my duty to pick up doodie.
  11. It’s always the same kind of crap, just different day.
  12. I must say, I do doo a great job.
  13. Q: “How much do you make at your job?” A: “Oh I don’t make anything, the dogs do it all!”
  14. I don’t waste time, I get waste over time.
  15. Q: “Get everything finished today?” A: “Consider it dung!”
  16. If I take a day off, my workload quickly piles up.
  17. We have to use heavy duty tools for… well… heavy doodie.
  18. “What a load of crap!” is what I exclaim when I look at my truck at the end of a workday.
  19. Trust me, you don’t want us to offer returns.
  20. Q: “What made you choose such an unusual job?” A: “What can I say, I know how to pick em!”
20 Funny Puns to Say When You Scoop Poop for a Living