When signing up for Pet Poo Skiddoo’s Yard Scooping or Bin Pickup service, you’ll have the opportunity for both your dog’s AND cat’s waste to be collected and composted. Of course, if you have cats you’ll need to be using 100% compostable cat litter that is free from chemicals and harmful additives.

We have compiled a short list of compostable cat litters that you can choose from, but we are also offering a cat litter delivery service for your convenience. Starting at just $5 per month, pine pellet litter can be delivered to your front door in a reusable bag. Once you’ve emptied your bag, leave out next to your bin for us to collect on your next service date.

New to Pine Pellet litter? It is an eco-friendly option where sawdust is reclaimed from lumber mill waste and compressed into tiny pellets. It is very absorbent and has the power to naturally mask the smell.

Watch this three minute video that shares a few tips on how to properly use pine pellet litter:

Compostable Litter Delivery Service