pet waste trackerPet Poo Skiddoo, a local pet waste removal company in Asheville, introduces its latest feature for their commercial clients –
The Pet Waste Tracker.

The concerns of most property managers is (1) The look of their property as it appears to visitors and potential residents and (2) The look of their property as well as safety for current residents. Dog waste can be both an eyesore and a plausible source for the spread of infection in both pets and humans. The bottom line is – the poop must be scooped.

Out of all the commercial properties Pet Poo Skidoo services, the two most common types are Apartment Complexes and HOA’s. Although these facilities often provide several pet waste stations throughout the premises, a considerable amount of dog droppings can still be found abandoned on the ground. There are many reasons why people don’t pick up and it’s not always intentional, nevertheless, it is a unsightly issue that needs to be resolved.

Pet Poo Skiddoo began poop scooping in July 2015 and soon realized that property managers could benefit from some knowledge of what, where, and how much is being scooped. That is when the pet waste tracker came into fruition.

The pet waste tracker is made up of four key sets of data for property managers to review on a quarterly basis.

1. The Weight of What is Scooped

After every scoop session, Pet Poo Skiddoo will weigh what has been collected. Although sounding a bit strange, it serves a quite important purpose. There will probably always be dog poop on the ground no matter what efforts are made, but the important thing to know is how much. Is it a few droppings that your residents can easily walk around? Or is there an unusual abundance of fecal matter decorating the landscape? Tracking the increase or decrease of abandoned manure on the ground lets managers know if there is an issue with the pet waste disposal system that have implemented thus far.

track pet waste collectedProperty managers may consider installing more pet waste stations, set up a small dog park, or add more lighting on the grounds to help pet owners find the poops at night. Maybe more signage should be hung explaining to the residents the importance of picking up after their dog.

Pet Poo Skiddoo offers free talks that can be offered to residents, presenting the serious issues that go along with neglecting dog feces, the negative impact it has on animals, humans, and the environment, as well as advice on how to instill good habits to ensure one is always prepared to pick up.

2. Potential Waste Station Site(s)

Besides bringing along their scooping equipment, Pet Poo Skiddoo will bring along a camera and notepad in order to document any areas that might be in need of a pet waste station. Their scoopers are always making note of what sections frequently contain a significant amount of dog waste within a relatively small area. Managers are presented with photos that circle whatever location(s) that seem to be lacking a convenient pet waste disposal system.

current waste station status3. Status of Current Pet Waste Station(s)

The pet waste stations might be in the right place, but there’s a chance they may be filling up too fast and reaching the brim before being emptied on the scheduled service date. Pet Poo Skiddoo takes notes of the average fullness of the bins as well as how many bags were used in between servicing. A station could get to the point where it is overflowing and may need to be attended to more than once a week. A full waste station not only prevents pet owners from disposing of their bag, but puts off a strong odor that can leave residents unhappy.

4. Reports of a Possible Outbreak

Another important detail that the scoopers take note of is if there are any poops that may appear to stem from an infection. Certainly a”mud pie” found once or twice over an extended period of time does not put out a serious cause for alarm, but a discovery of worms in multiple stools within a relatively brief amount of time can be a sign of an outbreak on the property. With this information, managers can choose to warn their residents of the findings, encourage residents them to take their dog to the vet to be tested, and reinforce the importance of picking up after their dog.

The pet waste tracker is just another feature that shows how Pet Poo Skiddoo is made up of more than just scoopers, but passionate people that are looking out for the safety of people, pets, the environment as well as aiding local business owners in whatever way they can.

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Introducing the Pet Waste Tracker