Although some cat litter may be labeled as “natural”, or contains material that seems natural such as clay or crystal sand, the truth is that clay along with many commonly used cat litters are sourced in ways that are harmful to the environment and can’t safely and effectively break down during the composting process.

Luckily, the pet industry has begun serving its more environmentally conscious customers; Now compostable and sustainable cat litters can now easily be found online and at local pet retail shops.

Here is a list of truly compostable cat litters that Pet Poo Skiddoo’s cat-owning clients can use and have composted!

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1. Feline Pine

Base: Pine Pellets

Made from reclaimed, sustainable remnants. The benefit of pine is that it’s super absorbent and will soak up any urine along with odors to mask the smell.

2. OkoCat

Base: Wood Fiber

The wood used is sustainably sourced. It is free from any artificial fragrances but the wood gives the litter box quite a pleasant smell.

3. World’s Best

Base: Corn

A commonly used clumping litter that is truly compostable! It’s main component being whole kennel corn and the added fragrances are made from safe and compostable ingredients.

4. Frisco Grass Litter

Base: Grass

A low dust litter with fast-forming clumping. 100% natural grass ingredients with no added chemicals, dyes or fragrances.

5. Tractor Supply Pellets

Base: Pine

Looking for the cheapest compostable litter? Look no further, you can buy a 40 lb bag of pine pellets (often used for horse bedding) can be purchased at Tractor Supply for just $6.49!

6. Bamboo Pellets

Base: Bamboo

Made from natural, sustainably sourced bamboo. Despite the pellets being smaller in size, its absorbency is about six times as powerful than traditional clay litter.

7. sWheat Scoop

Base: Wheat

The wheat starches trap odors on contact, while the natural enzymes help neutralize urine and ammonia odors

List of (Truly) Compostable Cat Litters