Meet ScoopsMeet Sammy Cooper aka “Scoops”. He goes by that nickname because that’s exactly what he likes to do… scoop! Many of you might wonder why Scoops’ favorite hobby is to pick up doodies after a dog or cat uses the bathroom, but to him it’s much more than a stinky job, its about helping the environment.

“I grew up in Asheville, NC and I consider this place to be my true furever home, so I want to make sure my community stays happy, safe and healthy for the future. It was just in the last few years I began to learn that my poopies were actually making the environment less safe.

Scoops poop has bacteriaI soon found out that I alone contribute about 275 lbs of droppings to my humans’ yard every year, and just 1 gram of that can contain around 23 million bacteria. There’s actually over 80 million pet dogs in our country now – so that’s a lot of bacteria filled poop to think about. Don’t get me wrong, I love that more humans are adopting us and giving us such nice places to live, but the more of us that are out there, the more poop we… ummm… poop!

That’s why I set up the 5 Simple Rules for Dogs:

5 rules for dogs

Unfortunately no matter how much I explain these rules to my fellow dog friends, they just refuse to listen!

So its up to the humans to keep our lawns clean to protect our furry family and human family alike from the lingering bacteria that we dogs can spread through our waste.

Scoops is spokes"dog" for Pet Poo SkiddooThat’s why I became the spokesperson… or spokes”dog” for Pet Poo Skiddoo, a new local pet waste removal company here in Asheville. I love talking to dogs and humans about the importance of properly removing all pet waste from the yard on a regular basis. Pet Poo Skiddoo offers the low-cost, convenient service of scooping a pet owner’s yard for them.

Well its nice to talk y’all, don’t be shy to ask me any questions.”

Hey, have an event coming up somewhere in town? Invite me! I’d be happy to offer to scoop up after my doggie friends during the festivities to keep the pet owner’s mind at ease.

Invite Scoops to an event

Meet Pet Poo Skiddoo’s New Mascot – “Scoops”