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Kids have an innate love for animals as well as a fascination with anything that oozes, slimes, and goos. So why not combine the two to make a fun and interactive experience? These five dog poop themed children’s toys not only satisfy that “ick” factor kids are looking for, but also teaches them how to care for and clean up after their pets.

1. Barbie Potty Training Taffy

Barbie Potty Training Taffy Mattel has been manufacturing Barbie dolls since 1959, and in that time they’ve made almost every accessory imaginable. She’s been dressed as a doctor and given her own stethoscope and clipboard, a chef with an apron and frying pan, and even a new mother with a changing table and baby. So of course why not have Barbie be made into a dog walker with her own dog, leash, and some poop to scoop?

Barbie’s dog Taffy wears a special pink bag on her back that holds her dog treats on one side and little poopies in a hidden compartment on the other. Have Barbie take Taffy out for a walk and reward her with treats along the way. Push down on Taffy’s head to open her mouth for a treat, then on her tail to make the poopies come out. With her pink scooper, Barbie can pick up Taffy’s droppings and place into the garbage can that’s included.

While this Barbie set may be not as glamorous as others, it shows children that although dogs are cute and fun to play with, there are a few icky chores to do when owning one.

2. Doggie Doo: The Famous Dog Poop Game

Doggie DooThe Doggie Doo board game includes a food bowl, dice, and four shovels that each have a different color assigned to each player (2-4 players can play at a time). Before the game starts, you’ll want to feed the dog the putty substance found his food bowl – then the fun can begin! Each player takes a turn rolling the dice and whatever number comes up tells you how many times to pump the leash’s handle. Each pump creates a gassy sound while gradually pushing the “food” from his mouth down to his butt. Oddly enough, you’re actually the lucky one if your pump ends up pushing the putty (now representing poop) out of his rearend and you get to scoop it up. Whoever scoops up three poopies first wins the game!

Will this encourage your kids to pick up after a dog in the real world? Well that’s unclear, but it certainly provides some gross, silly fun!

3. Lucky Dog Coin Bank (Unchoken)

Lucky Dog Coin BankWant to encourage your kid to start saving their allowance? Well this funky Japanese gadget can serve just that purpose. Simply place a coin in the dog’s mouth, then watch as he turns around and poops the coin out into a hole, sending it to the storage container below. Usually having a dog can become quite costly, but this one saves you money every time you feed him!

This may not teach your kid anything about cleaning up after a pet, but your kid is sure to save more coins when they see this hilarious pup in action.

4. FurReal Friends Pax, My Poopin’ Pup

FurReal Friends, My Poopin PupAre your kids asking for a pet dog but you’re not sure if they’re ready yet? You can first buy them “My Poopin’ Pup” named Pax. Pax is a soft plush pet that comes with a attachable leash so kids can take him for a walk wherever they go – simply push the leash forward and his legs will slide across the ground. Feed him his treats when he’s well behaved. When the time is right, pull the leash back to make him sit and watch the treats fall out of his bottom (now meant to be his poops), then place into the special FurReal Friends baggie. Bonus – insert batteries to allow Pax to make happy puppy sounds when fed a treat and little fart noises when he does his business.

Our only concern is that there is no scooper included, so children are expected to pick up the poops with their hands. Although cleaning up is a good thing, it might be teaching them the wrong way to do it.

5. Club Petz Cacamax Animated Dog Plush

Club Petz CacamaxThis sweet little pooch named Cacamax is another plush toy bearing many similarities to the FurReal Friends’ Pax. Cacamax comes with treats to insert into his mouth as well as a leash for walking, but the main difference lies in the leash’s handle which features buttons that control the battery operated pup. Push a button to make Pax move forward as his legs wiggle, then push another to have him sit and relieve himself (releasing the treats out the other end). He’ll make farting sounds as he goes to enhance the lovely experience. A small dustpan and broom is included to clean up his mess and you’re all ready to feed him his treats once again.

I’d say the one downside is that Pax takes 4 AA batteries to operate, which doesn’t last very long.

5 Children’s Toys That Involve Dog Poop
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