We have always strived to reduce the waste we create in our business even though collecting waste is our business!

Our decision for Pet Poo Skiddoo to create reusable bags for our poop scoopers not only dramatically decreases our plastic footprint, but brings us one step closer to our goal of avoiding landfills altogether and putting the dog waste to better use (more on that to come soon).

Our new bags are handmade by the owner of Pet Poo Skiddoo. Although slightly smaller than a thirteen gallon plastic bag, it can hold just as much waste in volume and even more in weight.

For each yard we scoop, we line our bucket with a clean nylon bag. An embedded drawstring let’s us secure the bag around the bucket to ensure it doesn’t fall off.

After filling up the bag with one yard’s dog poop, we seal the bag closed with an attached drawstring and elastic cord. We take the bags with us until we can properly empty them, then wash with disinfectant before they can be used again.

So how much plastic do we save?

Say we use 20 bags per day. That’s 120 plastic bags for a 6 day week, over 6,000 plastic bags per year! And that’s not including the larger black bags that are used to consolidate the waste before being taken to the landfill.

Why don’t we use biodegradable bags?

Although it would be great if biodegradable bags were the eco-friendly answer for disposing trash into the landfill, it just simply isn’t. To better understand how these bags are meant to work, read our article, “Compostable vs Biodegradable vs Flushable Dog Poop Bags”.

Interested in owning your own reusable dog poop bags?

We’ve designed smaller poop bags for dog owners to take with them on walks. Follow along our tutorial and learn how to make your own bags that can be easily washed and reused. No more of those mini plastic trash bags!

Now Using Reusable Bags When Scooping Dog Waste