You’ve talked to your vet, you’ve hired dog trainers, but nothing seems to work.  Sometimes smaller dogs have such small bladders or perhaps you’ve adopted an older rescue dog stuck in their ways.  Don’t lose hope!  Here are 12 quick & easy tricks you can apply to help prevent your dog from pooping or peeing in your home.

Vet's Best Perfect Fit Wrap
Vet’s Best Perfect Fit Wrap

1.  Dog Diapers
Similar to baby diapers, dog diapers will absorb any urine that comes out to prevent it from getting on your floors or furniture

All-Absorb Training Pads
All-Absorb Training Pads

2.  Wee wee pads
Pads contain a built-in attractant that draws in dogs to urinate on it.  Its super-absorbent and quick drying to protect your floors

X-Mat Foldable Training Mat
X-Mat Foldable Training Mat

3.  X-mats
These mats contain pointy nubs that will deter (but not harm) your dog from walking on it.  You can place the mat near sofas, beds, and doorways to make it a pet-free zone.

4.  Sticky sided tape (any tape)
Similar to the x-mat, the unpleasant surface of the tape deters the pets from walking near certain areas or objects.  Takes up less space than the x-mats and will need to be replaced every so often.

5.  Trash bags under couch cushions
This is more of a safety precaution rather than a training method.  If your dog tends to pee on couches, try to have a couch with zipped up cushions.  This way you can unzip the cushion and wrap the inside with a large trash bag.  So in case an accident does happen, the urine does not seep into the foam.

6.  Pin sheets to sides of furniture
Pin sheets or towels to sides of couches or chairs where your dog tends to pee.  Make sure you switch them out every time there is an accident to remove the smell of urine instantly.  (You may want to invest in some decorate sheets)

Carlson Walk-Thru Gate
Carlson Walk-Thru Gate

7.  Baby gate or Dog gate
Use in open doorways of your home to block off certain sections of your house where the dogs cannot roam

8.  Surface areas
Try to keep your dog in a area where there is no carpet. There is less of a chance that a dog will pee on a wooden or tiled floor.  Also make sure that no towels or clothes are left out where the dog can pee on


Patio Park
Patio Park

9.  Patio Park
Patio park is a  two-by-four-foot section of grass meant to be kept indoors to train your dog to eventually go outside.  Although it iss kept alive by a self-irrigation system, like kitty litter, it frequently needs to be scooped, and replaced on a monthly basis.  There are several other companies that make similar products with synthetic grass.


Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser
Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser

10.  Dog Appeasement Pheromone (DAP™)
DAP™ is a synthetic hormone that you can dispense into the air.  This can provide a calming effect on your dog.  With less anxiety, there is less of a chance your dog will urinate in the house.

11.  Clean!
Make sure to keep all areas clean and free of any urine smell.  Dogs tend to pee where they know urine has already been sprayed.  Do not use ammonia as a cleaner as dog urine alredy naturally contains ammonia.  Vinegar, baking soda, and antibacterial soap are great cleaners and safe for your pet.

12.  Treats!
Place treats in the usual areas where he or she elimates (after cleaning the area of course).  The idea being that your dog can start associating those areas with food rather than a bathroom.

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12 Quick & Easy Tricks if Your Dog Poops or Pees Indoors
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